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Skyrim ninirim preset

People have been asking me for this face preset for about a year now. I guess it's time to share her! Please read this page in its entirety. When it comes to face presets, various factors comes into play to get the character to look as close to the intended look. A character's appearance is affected by the following:.

Body and face textures. I made this normal map to be used with ThePure skin textures. Lighting and Weather mods. Tint Masks make-up. The make up used for this preset adds softer looking lips, Korean style eyeliner, and it replaced the forehead texture with a texture that adds bags under the eyes.

The more of the same requirements you have with me, the more accurate the preset will look out of the box.

If you do not have most of these requirements, then you will of course need to edit the preset so that it looks closer to mine but with your settings and game set-up.

This preset uses the slot 6 in ECE. You have been warned. Enhanced Character Edit for Special Edition install the rounder cheeks option, the 2x sliders, no sunken vampire cheeks. Optional Installs:. SG Hairs find in Lovers Lab. The Eyes of Beauty. SunJeong Face Preset 1. Recent Posts See All. SunJeong Body Preset. This site was designed with the.If you like my portal, you can support my work. All presets. DaXmAn's finest Hero. Wood Elf.

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My Preset. Gandalf The Grey. Darck Elf. Rose Racemenu Preset. Evlana by TheDriedFinger. FR: Shukura 1. Momo-youseyora II -loli. Fairy Nord. Laurel by StephieRawx.

Tatiana by StephieRawx. Adriana By StephieRawx. Test preset. Mona by StephieRawx. Iounn Preset. Racemenu Preset: Red.

skyrim ninirim preset

Cute Akira. Sirarae Preset.Are you 18 years of age or older? Skip navigation. Select a membership level. The Legacy [March 13, - Users only]. The support [1 per month]. Show more. I make mods mostly playable characters, like those followers and companions I modify them to have a playable version. But I've got my hands into collab mods and stuff.

Back then I made mods as well that has gameplay changes like destructible environments, animations, companions, concept mods, as well some other stuff, most of which are seen at my youtube channel.

So this patreon is mainly for request and my focus to finish said request. It isn't really necessary to make a payment for the mod, since eventually it will release, What this will help with is to focus on which to prioritize and release at a very early timeframe like days. I will truely and deeply appreciate all the help and communication I can get. Playable Characters of Skyrim : Is an upcoming content that will be available for the public. Basically every month we will get characters that you will be able to play as.

Either in terms of playing a follower or a custom new character entirely. The aim and main goal of this content is to make everyone play as the character they want without having to download around mb of file requirements to load the preset you like make it Racemenu or ECE.

Another is this characters will be uniquely their own, they won't share any meshes any textures, they are their own separate folder, you wouldn't need to ever worry about conflicts or compatibility ever again, you can easily customize textures meshes swap them out entirely without affecting your mods.

What is the patreon for? So this has been an ongoing question and issue lately, just recently returned back my reddit posts to be unbanned after discussing and getting into the terms, as well as recently getting this thread open again. By giving support I will be able to lessen my overtime work and can basically live in the house and produce more content. For example racialcompatibilities with vampire, where your character becomes a vampire, without the bug report, I wouldn't have known that theres a big issue with it.

Which is fixed for future releases now. But what about permissions? This one is already fixed, this is where I spent my whole week, right after the thread was hidden by moderators. If you are a modder of the follower that you don't want your follower to be a playable character, feel free to inform me. Your content will not be turned to player series.By Schaken in Armor.

skyrim ninirim preset

Updated January 3. Updated January 2. By Schaken in Followers. Updated December 30, Updated December 29, Updated December 27, Updated December 19, Updated December 14, Updated December 13, Submitted December 10, Updated December 9, Updated December 8, By Schaken in Outfits.

Updated December 4, Updated November 21, By Schaken in Body, Face, Hair. Updated November 19, Updated November 17, Updated November 15, Submitted November 15, By Schaken in NPC. Updated November 8, Submitted November 5, By viewing this site, you agree to our Terms of UsePrivacy PolicyGuidelinesand our use of We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. I made it owned by the PC so you wont be stealing.This is about a month old, but for a while now, I've used the appearances of the khajiit and argonians in Skyrim to represent 10 characters, 9 of which are canon from my stories.

The anthro felines in my stories aren't khajiits, nor are the reptilian anthros argonians, but since the looks of those races in Skyrim seem to serve as a very basic and somewhat compelling definition for "cat people" and "lizard people", I enjoyed making them.

Famous Faces of Skyrim: NPC Character Sliders

The non-canon character is the red argonian, whom I simply named "Red". It's less so signifying of racism and more so in line with the fact that he is a "vagrant". I like to play as him under - for all you Dark Souls fans out there - "Deprived" settings, via the "Vagrant" preset in the "Skyrim Unbound" alternate start mod, where I reload a save made before choosing "Begin the Adventure" to make sure the game clothes me with only the "Prisoner's Trousers".

Overall, I've done the most mod testing i. I've only had presets of the main 4 protagonists of my stories - Akira, Katherine, Nigel, and Sheryl - for the longest time, and was only recently pressed to create 4 of their other young friends last month Making Ryan would take a whole other, specifically "anthro wolf" race mod. I simply wanted to make a tall, buff, red argonian. Through the "fire punching" uh Note: You can use these presets on any race or either gender in-game since they only reflect the settings I applied for the races you see in the preview picture.

I don't have that sort of skill about myself. Tags Modify preset presets racemenu skyrim.By Ezra Helens Outfitter This will open a New shop just outside of whiterun called "Helens Outfitters" this has many major armor packs that have been converted into the teen body, with each having its own Teen Merchant.

Released June 4, This will dramatically transform Helen's Outfitters. Legendary Armors you will have to purchase the crafting books from vendor. You may only provide a review once you have downloaded the file. January 31, All this by using bodyslide and a preset given on the nexus. But laugh the adult women of my game are all Skinny body same teen of 25 years. LOL, not laughing at all. No need for fake breasts in my mid evil game LOL. The image above looks just like the Athletic slim which is a preset in the bodyslide, Mine is a very realistic teen body which is why people love it.

This mod that Ezra has created is one that gives people the EXACT teen body that people love, with the armor and clothes that great mod authors have created. Im sure if there is something you would like added, Ezra could easily make some add-ons and patches so you can have it with the Teen body that we have created. By viewing this site, you agree to our Terms of UsePrivacy PolicyGuidelinesand our use of We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Player Homes. Welcome to Schaken-Mods Sign up today and get your favorite mods! Join now. Join our Guild! To help pay for the server to keep going, please join our Guild and enjoy the extra content we have. Check it Out. Schaken-ModsChat Join our Chatrooms hosted on our server. Connect to other modders and get live help! Join the Chatrooms!

Refferal Refer a friend, Make money! Get Refferal Code. By Ezra Find their other files. Released June 4, This will dramatically transform Helen's Outfitters.

skyrim ninirim preset

Next File Honeystrand Meadery. TeenDolls - Housecarls By Ezra Most Helpful Newest. But laugh the adult women of my game are all Skinny body same teen of 25 years this picture with ninirim armor mix.

Response from the author: LOL, not laughing at all. Share this review Link to review. Sign In Sign Up. Important Information By viewing this site, you agree to our Terms of UsePrivacy PolicyGuidelinesand our use of We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. I accept.This mod add several assault rifles and few other modern guns no pistols to the skyrim.

Early this mod was available in some chinese websites and also on very few skyrim modding communities. For now it was removed from a lot of places, and i dont know why. Note - im not a creator of this mod i just share it.

All credits for creation goes to - TirexHD. So here it is full Modern Firearms Mod on english. Installation process is simple - just copy all content from main folder to your skyrim "data" folder and dont forget to activate.

Then remember - 4 assault rifles provided with her is taken from this mod, so when you will be installing this full mod, just click "yes to all" when system ask you to overwrite some of the files.

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Stay tune for updates, cause soon i will add more content in this section. Next update will be a very rare gun mod! This mod add a lot of different guns, pistols, even some futuristic assault rifles, also rpg few other big guns to the skyrim. This is for real a VERY rare collection. I guess you can find few guns from this collection on some skyrim communities, but some guns here are very hard or should i sayimpossible to find, especialy the revolver and modern pistol. All guns are provided with sound support and working just fine.

For now I didnt tested all of them, so i dont know if ALL guns working, but i tested about 10 models and they working just fine.

Also please note that if author of original content will ask me to delete this mod i will do it. So, take it while it is here. This mod contain more than 20 different guns! Warning - This is NOT full version of this mod, and some guns may not work at all, some may work but without sound. To get them in game you need to use the console! To find names of the guns, simply unzip mod to somewhere, and inside find textures, textures names are the same as the guns names in game! Installation process is simple - just copy all content from data folder to your skyrim "data" folder.

Also this is quite heavy mod, 90mb zipped and mb unzipped! So, here it is, Katia Managan Race Mod. Installation process is simple - unzip and then just copy all content from main folder to your skyrim "data" folder and dont forget to activate. I just share it.

skyrim ninirim preset

Katia Managan Race Mod. Hi all, this set of male casual clothes mod which contain 3 modern suits also wasnt THAT rare till the original creator was banned on nexus and after that happen this mod disappeared.

So, i repack all this content and reupload, and now you can get it and enjoy this stuff. So, here it is, Male Casual Clothes Mod by vie For pictures i used my own uncompleted version of Leon Kennedy for skyrim. To get content you need to use console.

After that use console command "player.

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